How to write Funeral Messages

Funeral messages are written to a friend, family or an acquaintance that has lost someone close, to express one’s empathy and condolences and to give the person support and encouragement.

A death is a difficult time for any surviving member and any support or kind words received from someone at that time helps to soothe the pain, if not relive it completely.

While writing funeral messages one must remember to keep the tone formal, serious and sensitive to the reader’s needs. One must always show respect towards the deceased person and let bygones be bygones.These Funeral Messages can be Written in Cards, Mails or Letters.

  • Create a Draft: Since a death is a sensitive topic, create a few drafts before you write the final funeral message. Make sure you are not been insensitive and your words are providing comfort to the reader and not creating in misunderstanding or unpleasantness.
  • Empathise: The best way to show one’s condolence is to empathise with the person who has lost someone by showing your understanding of the situation. Comfort the person by making him understand that you know how hard it is and that he has your support.
  • Provide Encouragement: [blockquote]Losing someone can make a person insecure and discouraged with life. Through your words, show your support, encouragement and show that you will be there with the person during such difficult times.[/blockquote]
  • Offer Help: A funeral requires any arrangements to be made and when someone has lot a dear one it is difficult to manage so many things. Offer your help or ask if there is anything you can do to make things a little easier for the reader.
  • Mention Fond Memories: If you knew the person who has expired, mention a few fond memories you had with the deceased. This adds a bitter sweet touch to a funeral message.

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