Romantic Halloween Messages

Romantic Halloween messages are those types of messages that are sent across to a one you love on the occasion of Halloween and have a romantic emotion attached to them. These messages must wish the recipient a happy Halloween and must do so in a romantic tone or nature. The message must be crisp and precise and can be sent through the means of a card or a text. A few samples of romantic Halloween messages are given below for your reference.

Sample romantic Halloween messages:

  • Deal Martha, on the day of Halloween, I would like to tell you that if you are a witch, I am a ghost and this ghost is madly in love with his witch.  I love you dear.
  • You scare me, you frighten me and on this day of Halloween, I could drink your blood my love. Happy Halloween to you sweet blooded girlfriend.
  • Halloween is an occasion on which we all dress up and look our scariest best. But you are so beautiful that any amount of scary make up cannot make you look scary enough. I love you and wish you a very happy Halloween.
  • While the world is busy looking for costumes for this Halloween, I am busy falling more and more in love with you. Happy Halloween to the only one I love in the world.
  • You are my vampire and I am your witch. When you drink my blood, I fall more in love. Halloween is round the corner, let’s get together and make this love grow strong.
  • Your love in my potion, your love is my drug,

When you look at me, you make me shrug.

This Halloween is such a beautiful night,

I wish to could spend with you my whole life.

Happy Halloween to my sweetheart.

  • Let’s promise to keep each other sane, let’s promise to never bring out the evil from one another.

On this Halloween, let’s promise to always be together and celebrate many many more Halloweens to come. I love you my dear.

  • Ghosts and witches, vampires and spirits,

Cakes and decorations, sweets and drinks

Halloween is here my dear,

And it is only you with whom I wish to spend life till the end.

  • May we see all the other Halloweens to come together,

May we always be in love.

Let’s promise to not be ghosts in love but be a pair of dove.

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