Motivational Messages for Athletes

Motivational messages for athletes are those messages that are sent by the near and dear ones to the athletes before they go on achieving something in the sport.

These are normally send in the form of text messages or could also be sent through cards or through social networking sites. Some samples of these messages are given below for reference.

Sample Motivational Messages for Athletes

  • You are blessed with fitness and your efforts have truly paid off. Wish you get a tremendous reward and award this time and make us all proud. The medal awaits you. So keep running! Wishing you all the best for your upcoming event.
  • We need that Gold medal this time. Wish you the best for the tournament and may you get home the shining Gold medal. I know you will do it. Put in your hard work and leave the rest to the God!
  • Make us proud by winning the prestigious tournament and get home the splendid trophy. We have always been waiting for the proud moment and hope you make us feel proud this time. All the best!
  • Wish the entire team the best for the tournament. We know that you will put in all the efforts that is required to win the match. All the best and make us feel great!
  • You are well-known for hard work and dedication and now it’s time that you prove it again. I wish you the best for this special occasion of the final match and please get home the beautiful trophy. We trust in you and very well know that you will excel!
  • Accepting challenges is a part of life of every athlete and I know that you are born to accept challenges and face them. I wish the best for this amazing tournament and I know you will definitely rock it!
  • This is an exciting time for all of us. We are keeping our fingers crossed to see you win. May you achieve what we want you to achieve and make us feel happy. We all wish you the best!
  • God showers his blessings to those who work hard and you have well-proved it in all the matches till date. I hope even this time you continue to do the same and rock it. Hard work and dedication are the only two elements that will lead you to success!

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