New Baby Sister Messages

New baby sister messages are the text messages that are sent to congratulate a brother or a sister for the arrival of his baby sister.

These messages may also be sent by a brother or a sister to inform family and friends about the birth of his new baby sister. Since these are the messages for baby sister, these are written in a soft and a polite tone to express joy and excitement.

Sample New Baby Sister Messages

[blockquote]I have finally got a companion in the form of an angel. I am so happy mom that you have given birth to a girl. I am proud to have a sister as sweet and cute as she is.[/blockquote]

  • It’s a girl! We are so happy for you that you have finally found a baby sister for you. She is your family’s sweetest little angel. Congratulations to you and may you have the best of your times together.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]A new baby girl is born to brighten your world. She could not get a nicer brother than you. Always pamper, care and protect your sister in the best possible way. Congratulations to everyone for the birth of the baby girl.[/notice]

You have finally got your baby sister in the form of a beautiful princess. Good wishes for your merrier times together.

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