New Baby Text Messages

A child is undoubtedly the most precious gifts to parents. On the occasion of the new baby arrival a text message from friends, relatives and loved ones will surely double the joy and the excitement of the parents.

Thus a new baby text messages must have lots and lots of wishes for the newly born and loads of congratulations for the parents.

These text messages for the new baby can be send through cards, letters or even through mobile phones. No matter whatever is the way of communication, the main aim is to send your good wishes and express your joy.

Sample New Born Baby Text Messages:

[blockquote]The baby couldn’t have had a better Father and mother. Congratulations to the both of you and may god bless your child with a bright future.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Hi, Mom. My new little brother looks great. Love to both of you and dad. Kiss my brother for me. Will try to come home ASAP. Take good care of him like you did for me.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Tiny, cute little baby you have now. My wife wishes to convey her greetings. Warm regards from me as well. Introduce us, to the child, before we come to visit him. Congratulations again.[/blockquote]

  • Just received the great news of your amazing child. How does it feel? Congratulations, dude.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Your baby girl is indeed an angel Just seen her over the internet. A blessing from the god. Congratulations mate.[/notice]
  • People never accepted that 1+1=3 due to lack of proper proof. Voila! You have done it. Congratulations on having twins.

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