Funny New Year Card Messages

New Year is an occasion of happiness and is a time when the world is in the mood for celebration and fun.  This day marks the time when the entire world enters a new phase and a new beginning. In order to convey your good wishes for someone on the occasion of New Year, the best way is to send them a card with your message in it.

Funny New Year card messages are those messages which are humorous and are used to wish someone New Year in a funny manner. The following are a few samples of such messages.

Sample Funny New Year Card Messages

  • The old year has ended and it is finally time to drop the liquor bottles and get back into consciousness. Let’s plan to drink less this year and let’s plan to go on complete detoxification. To all my drinking partners out there, here’s a toast to mark the beginning of a new phase of life. Happy non-drinking!
  • Whenever the month of December ends and January draws closer, I start worrying about new resolutions and my failure to follow them. I pray to the Lord to help me with my resolutions this year around and also pray to help with yours. Happy New Year to all my friends who cannot follow their New Year resolutions! Cheers.
  • Cheers to the New Year, cheers to life,

Cheers to everyone who is celebrating this day with his wife! Happy New Year to all my married friends and to all those who are going to enter this trip this year! Have fun all you guys.

  • The stars are shining, New Year eve has arrived, so let’s make a resolution and then try to survive.
  • May the New Year become the best year of our life, may you all have a lot of fun with only your respective wife. Happy New Year to all my dear friends.
  • Amidst the confusion of the last year, amidst the noise of the New Year eve’s party, amidst the setting of goals and plans, I wish to wish my family a very happy New Year. May you all do your best to break your resolutions this time around too.
  • Why do we make resolutions when we can’t follow them? Well the only reason could be to make our friends laugh at us at failing! Happy New Year to all these notorious friends of mine.

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