Funny New Year Messages

New Year is a time when all the sorrows are forgotten and all the sadness is thrown out of the door. It is a time to welcome new reasons to smile and scatter happiness in our own lives.

Why not welcome this New Year with enthusiasm? People all around the world wish others with feelings that root from deep down in the heart. Such is the honesty that is attached to this great occasion.

Everybody send New Year messages to their contacts. But the best way to write a New Year message is to make it funny, something that makes the recipient laugh and start his new year on a positive note.

Sample Funny New Year Messages:

  • This year I have made the decision of not boring my employer by giving him the same excuses every time I take a leave, instead I will think of new and innovative ones. Wishing you a great new year.
  • I pledge to conserve water in the new calendar year by taking fewer baths. And would advice you to do the same. Have a water repellent new year.
  • I pledge not to waste my time by wasting it on reliving the past memories, but rather I will spend it by worrying about my future. Happy New Year.
  • Why to waste the precious moments of the new year on doing laundry, why not use more deodorant? Hehe.Have a great year.
  • I have decided on a great New Year resolution, I shall work with neglected people who are my family members, and so should you my friend. Happy New Year.

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