Happy New Year Greeting Card Messages

Happy New Year greeting card messages are those messages which are sent by a person to wish New Year to another person. These messages must be framed in a manner so as to convey the feelings or wishes of the sender. These card messages can be sent to friends, colleagues, teachers, relatives and other near and dear ones.

The following are a few samples of such messages, given for your convenience.

Sample Happy New Year Greeting Card Messages

  • Another year has passed and another stands in front of us, full of opportunities and chances. So let’s grab this New Year with both hands and turn it into a dream year. Happy New Year friends to you and your families.
  • What a beautiful occasion New Year is. Friends come together; families reunite and enemies forget their grudges. This wonderful day marks the beginning of a new innings of life and it is up to us what we turn this chance into. So get ready to rock this New Year. Have a great one.
  • New Year is like a new lease of life, which challenges us to improve our lives more than we did the previous year. I am up for the challenge and hope that you are too my friend. Be positive this year and make the most of each day. Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year.
  • We often ask god why he doesn’t give us more chances and opportunities. But we forget that every year God gives us 365 new opportunities to redeem ourselves and try something else with our lives. Have a very happy new year my friend.
  • Let’s take a pledge today to wake up with a smile each day of the New Year, start with positivity and have immense faith in God and the Universe. With these resolutions in mind, I wish to wish you all a lovely new year and a superb time in life.
  • New Year is a special occasion for everyone as it helps us close a chapter of life and move onto the next one with vigor, passion and positive thinking. Happy New Year to all my family members.
  • Here’s wishing a happy, joyous, fruitful and rocking new year to all.
  • Here’s wishing a rocking, fantastic, happy and extremely positive start to the New Year. May you have a lovely day and year ahead.

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