New Year SMS Messages

New Year is celebrated throughout the world with utmost zeal and vigour. This day marks the beginning of a New Year and bidding good bye to the previous year. This day hence marks the beginning of new life and happiness and ends of sorrows and worries of the last year. One great way to wish each other is through SMS. Here are some examples of New Year SMS messages:

Sample New Year SMS Messages

New Year SMS Messages

  • Simple words reflect great thoughts, keep on smiling because it rocks, little keys can open big locks, and your smile can cure great heart blocks. Wishing you and your family a smiling and happy new year.
  • New Year friendship contract renewal- after serious thinking, considerations and revisions, your contract for the New Year has been revised. Therefore you are strongly advised to be more loving, caring, affectionate, passionate, and adorable towards me. Take better care of me and miss me more. This contract has been revised because it is impossible to find a more loving and caring friend than me. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year.
  • This is the last day of 2015, last morning, last afternoon, last evening of 2015. As last sun of 2015 spreads its sunshine on us, as we feel last remaining moments of this great year, may the new coming year come with a bang and may the first sunshine of New Year scatter its happiness all over and keep everyone warm and happy with its bright shine. Wishing you the best of coming year.
  • Think about tomorrow and not about yesterday. As they say tomorrow is a chance to rectify the mistakes made yesterday. As tomorrow is a new day, a New Year lets all forget our past and begin a new day and New Year with zeal and vigour and with enthusiasm, hope, love and spirit of the New Year.
  • When on 31st December the clock on the wall will strike 12o’clock, people will cheer and wish everyone a happy new year all through the world. Some, feel it just a mere change of the calendar and some feels it marks the beginning of a better tomorrow. If you look ahead for a better New Year here it’s time for you to spread happiness to your special ones with warm and wonderful New Year wishes.
  • 12 months laughter, 52 weeks good luck, 365 days happiness, 8760 hours cheer, 525600 minutes fun, 31536000 seconds joy. Here is wishing you a happy new year.

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