New Year Funny Text Messages

New Year is the day of the year which the whole world celebrates together, irrespective of their religion, cast, creed or tradition. There is no better way to wish someone a happy New Year than to send them a heartfelt New Year text message. New Year funny text messages are those types of messages which have an undertone of fun and humor in them but are basically written to wish the recipient a happy new year. These messages are sent by the means of text or SMS.

A few examples and samples of New Year funny text messages are given below and can be used by any person.

Sample New Year Funny Text Messages

  • Last year, you made a mess out of many things and didn’t complete even one resolution, but this year, I hope you get into even bigger mess situations. Have a confusing, irritating but a happy new year dear little brother.
  • New Year is a time when we must plan a new journey and set new goals. My goal for this New Year is to irritate you a little more than last year and tease you loads. Have a great year ahead dear sister and do not forget to buy me a gift.
  • Every year, I promise myself and make New Year resolutions about not talking to you and maintaining a distance, but every time you come in front of me, I am compelled to tease you and pull your leg. Here’s to another year of teasing and pulling leg-Happy New Year!
  • I hope your resolution for the coming New Year is to do all my homework and take all the orders that I give you. If not, then kindly change your resolutions and set these new ones. Have a lovely new year.
  • Here’s wishing the most notorious brother in the world a very happy new year. May you get over stupidity this year and transform into a mature and sensible human being.
  • Here’s to a new year which will become old again in about 6 months’ time. Happy New year to all my family members and friends.
  • New Year is about new resolutions, new goals and positive beginnings. But since you are lazy to think positive and set goals, I’d request you atleast to get me a gift and make my new year amazing. Happy New Year dear friend.

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