New Year Wishes Messages for Coworkers

New Year wishes messages for coworkers are those messages which a person writes to his/her colleague or coworker to wish him a happy New Year. These types of messages must be framed to convey good wishes and must be full of loving words. These messages can be sent through SMS, cards, emails or through social networking sites.

The following are some of the samples of New Year Wishes messages for coworkers which can be used by anyone for the purpose of reference.

Sample New Year Wishes Messages for Coworkers

  • New Year is a time when we all forget all the worries in the world and just welcome the New Year with our loved ones.  So for once, forget about the tensions of the workplace and enjoy yourself. Here’s wishing you a very happy New Year, both personally and professionally.
  • If someone has a coworker like you, then who needs to skip office to take a break. Working with you has been great in this last year and I hope the same for this New Year. Have a very happy New Year and superb life ahead.
  • This new Year, let’s make a pledge to be at each others’ side in office and help out each other in time of need. Happy new year to my favorite colleague.
  • On the occasion of New Year, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me so much at the workplace. You have been a solid influence for me and have given me a lot of inspiration in this new work setting. Thanks a lot and have a happy new year.
  • In this New Year, hope to have as much of a good time that I had with you in the last year. Working with you doesn’t seem like work at all. Thanks for everything and have a lovely new year.
  • Happy New Year to the best friend and coworker anybody could ever get. I am truly blessed to be working with such amazing people. Hope to work hard and reach our goals this year as well.
  • Here’s wishing all my coworkers and colleagues a very happy New Year. May all your dreams be fulfilled.
  • Dear Robert, may this New Year be full of growth, opportunities and endless career success for you. Enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun this year.

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