New Year Wishes Messages for Girlfriend

To wish someone on the day of New Year, what could be better than sending a message which expresses all the good wishes, feelings and emotions of the sender. These messages are termed as New Year messages. Those New Year messages which a boy writes to his girlfriend to wish her a happy New Year are called New Year wishes messages for girlfriend.

A few examples of such messages have been provided below for reference purpose.

Sample New Year Wishes Messages for Girlfriend

  • As this year bids us goodbye, and a new year introduces itself to us, I wish to confess my love for you and wish to tell you that I will stand by you till the very end. Happy New Year Jennie and May god bless our love.
  • As the old year leaves us, it leaves us with memories, it leaves us with the lessons it taught us and it leaves us with a feeling of love. I dedicate this love to you and pray to the almighty to add some more love in our lives in the coming New Year. Happy new year sweetheart and I love you a lot.
  • To the best girlfriend in the world, here’s wishing a lovely new year. May our love grow and our relationship mature even more in this new year.
  • You are more beautiful than this starry night; you are more beautiful than the dawning morning. You make not only my days wonderful but also my years splendid. Here’s wishing you a very happy new year and a great life ahead.
  • New Year is knocking at our lives to get in and spill some fun and spill a lot of love. So don’t hold onto the bygone times but welcome the new life with open arms. Have a very happy new year my dear and enjoy each bit of this time.
  • In this New Year, my wish for you is to follow your heart, achieve your dreams and never lose faith in the power of love and god. Life is a gift and we must cherish each moment of it. I love you and hope you have a lovely new year.
  • Wishing the most amazing year to the most amazing girlfriend in the world.
  • To the love of my life, here’s wishing you abundance of happiness, abundance of joy and a very special year ahead.

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