Romantic New Year Messages for Husband

Romantic New Year messages for husband are the messages that are sent by the wives to their husband to greet him with a New Year wish in a romantic way.

These messages are written with the feelings of love and are sent to the husbands on the New Year eve. These messages can be sent through a card, SMS or an email.

Sample Romantic New Year Messages for Husband

  • I was on my own way

Ambitious, focused yet blue.

Suddenly the waves of your love splashed

At my lonely bay –

I have found a world that seems brand new

Yes, I may so pray.

You made my new year so special.  Thanks dear husband.

  • Wherever you are,

I may break into a dream or two.

For I Knew you have not gone so far,

I would immediately find you –

And heal your scar.

And yes, at last the awaited day has come

Let’s celebrate this special moment with tasty rum.

Cheers on the New Year dear husband.

  • I think 1st January is the ideal date to start a new episode of our love story. I promise our love shall never fade. In the world of loud rhythm you and I will compose a beautiful melody that will never end. Happy New Year my loving husband!!
  • Preserving the magic of newness throughout, let’s celebrate the New Year together with a toast. Our united souls will start a new chapter of our love story this year. Wishing you a very happy and warm new year my loving husband.
  • Wishing you a year filled with love, success and happiness my dear husband. Happy New Year!!
  • As New Year is here, I wish I could hold your hand and shout to the world that you are my husband. I love you and I wish I could kiss you. Happy New Year!
  • On this New Year night, I wish I hold you so tight. We turn off all the lights and celebrate the New Year night! Happy New Year dearest hubby!
  • You are my husband, my life partner; I am messaging to wish that we stay close forever. As New Year is here, I want to whisper in your ear – happy New Year!
  • You are so chubby and I love you my hubby. New Year is here and I hope that our love blossoms today, tomorrow and forever. Happy New Year!
  • It is a New Year eve tonight, let us stay close and tight! Happy New Year!

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