Short Happy New Year Messages

New Year is celebrated everywhere in the world and brings together people from different cultures and religions. To wish someone on this day, what can be better than a nice New Year message? Short happy New Year messages are the messages which one writes to wish a loved one a very happy new year.

These messages are short and precise and can be sent to friends, relatives and other near and dear ones. These types of messages can be sent through SMS, greetings and through social networking sites. The following are a few samples of short happy New Year messages that can be referred to by anyone.

Sample Short Happy New Year Messages

  • Here’s wishing all the members of my love family a very happy, rocking and prosperous new year.
  • May we all meet more often and may we all love each other till the end of the world. Happy New Year.
  • New Year is the time to spread more love, smile more often, set resolutions and live peacefully. Happy New Year to my best friend.
  • If people like you stick around, then how can New Year not be good for me? Here’s a wish from my heart that you enjoy each bit of the coming New Year.
  • May all your dreams come true in this New Year and may all the goals that you have set are met. Wishing my dear dad a very happy and joyous new year.
  • When friends make life happy, then even enemies aren’t enough to cause sadness. Thanks and have a very happy new year.
  • It’s time to welcome the New Year with open arms and its time that we forget the negativity of the past. Happy New Year friends.
  • Smile because a new opportunity has come to make life happy and laugh because there are endless possibilities to defeat worry. Happy New Year.
  • As the both the hands of the clock meet at 12, the world completes another journey of sorrow, happiness, gloom, joy and rewards. Wishing you all a happy new year.
  •  Now it is time to begin a new cycle with a new dream in mind and a new goal to accomplish. Wishing you a very happy new year.
  • Wishing you a splendid new year with loads of love and happiness.
  • Happy New Year to all the employees of this company.

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