Best Patriotic Messages

The best patriotic messages inspire the citizens and light up the fire of love and dedication for the country in their hearts. These messages can be sent to colleagues, friends, family members and all your near and dear ones.

Sample Best Patriotic Messages

[blockquote]I wish with all my heart that our country would emerge as the most powerful and commendable name in the history of world with its progress and liberalistic attitude.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Poverty, illiteracy, crimes, fraud are malaises that impede the path of progress of any nation. These problems cannot be removed overnight. The citizens of our nation should fight these problems to reduce them and decrease the suffering of fellow citizens. Only then can our country improve and be respected worldwide.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]As we sing our national anthem, patriotic feeling fill our heart and head and influence us to hold our head high under any condition. It gives us the strength to perform and strive till our last bit of ability and resources towards success of our country. That is the only way we can glorify our motherland and give her the due respect she deserves.[/notice]
  • We often question what our country has given us. We shout till our throats are sore, we bang the tables and break them to make ourselves heard. But have we ever questioned ourselves about what we have contributed towards our country. Thus it is better to point a finger at yourself, rather than pointing at your nation. Know this, when we point our finger at our motherland, three other fingers of our own point at us.

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