Effective Patriotic Messages

Patriotic messages are sent to remind the people of a country of their importance and the significance of the things they can do and are capable of doing for the betterment of our nation.

For a patriotic message to be effective it should carry an inspirational message in addition to quotes.

Sample Effective Patriotic Messages

  • We are proud to be a citizen of this wonderful country. I love my country and it is the best country in the whole world.
  • Nothing is more important than my duty towards my motherland. It is this country that has seen me grow and made me familiar with the surroundings. I would always be grateful towards this country.
  • Let us join hands and work towards building a prosperous and successful nation that will ensure a good life for the future generations of this country.
  • I love my country and can do anything for it. My love for my country is so deep that I can give my life for my country.
  • We belong to a nation with a vast history, varied culture and rich resources that helps us to keep our head held high and always feel proud. I love my country.
  • This country has given me love, success, identity and a sense of responsibility. It is the time for me to do something for the country. I love my motherland and proud of her.
  • Let us take the pledge that we will always protect our motherland and be ready to sacrifice our life for her.

[blockquote]The rich and varied heritage, culture and civilization only make us proud of the fact that we are citizens of this country. We promise ourselves to work towards building up the nation and be a worthy patriot.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]This motherland has given me love and care and now it is my turn to keep its head high with my deeds and acts. On this day of national importance I request all the citizens of the country to make a pledge to keep the dignity of our country high.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]On this auspicious day of national importance, let us hold our head high and stand in attention position. The national anthem emitted from our hearts and throats would remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards the country and we would work hand in hand and make it a commendable name in world history.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Being a proud child of the soil, let us wish our motherland the best of prosperity, education and technology.[/notice]
  • Let us all pledge to live for the respect of our motherland and to do everything to keep up its pride and honour.
  • From the cities to the villages, from lakes to the seas, from hills to the plains my country is beautiful. I promise to never let it down.

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