Patriotic Messages

The feeling of patriotism is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel for his or her nation. It is very important to give your country respect and love.

There is no particular occasion when one should feel proud of their country as it is an ongoing emotion. But usually people tend to feel patriotic on days of national importance. On these days, the most effective way to make others feel patriotic too is by sending them patriotic messages.

Patriotic messages can be sent to a variety of people and this is how they are categorized in the following manner:

  • Patriotic message to friend
  • Patriotic message to family member
  • Patriotic message to colleague
  • Patriotic message to employer/employee


Since it is not everyday that one writes these messages, so we have a few suggestions worth keeping in mind while writing a patriotic message:

  • Let the message come straight from the heart.
  • You can state quotes said by famous political leaders to give your message a more patriotic feel.
  • You can encourage the recipient to help you in the cause of nation building, however big or small your method is.
  • Be concise and don’t drift away from the main topic.

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