Patriotic Messages for Fourth of July

Patriotic messages are sent to everyone especially on the day of independence to express their deepest desires to thank those who have battled their life out for freedom to reign over the states in America. This type of message indicates the level of patriotism to the people who are enjoying their liberty at its fullest.

During the fourth of July if you wish to express your loyalty to your country then this article will surely help you with getting the job done, for you need only choose any of the sample patriotic messages you find below. These messages can be written in card or sent via sms messages or be posted or privately messaged in the various social media. In crafting this type of message it is vital to take note of what words needs to be chosen to set the right tone. The tone should be filled with enthusiasm and joy. Should you wish to change some phrases and words, that would be great so that a trace of your writing can manifest in expressing your heartfelt loyalty and pride to your country.

  • This land’s freedom had been in an eternal slumber due to the oppressors who had sung lullabies of destruction to it. Thanks to the heroes who had fought their way out through the precious freedom and successfully woke it for we, the generation of future, have greatly joyed in the sweet victories of the past. Happy Independence day!


  • This Independence day I swear to compensate our heroes poignant deaths by doing whatever it is I can for the sole purpose of the social welfare of this country and that may progress be a road of endless journey for I truly love this nation of ours. Happy Fourth of July to everyone!


  • Truly, it is one of the greatest honors that this nation can bestow upon its people to joy in the victories of the generations past for we remember the countless deaths and greatly mourn for those courageous heroes. The victorious fight that was battled will always be carved in the hearts of our people and no heart can afford to not celebrate the happiness in this day of independence. With blood, sweat and tears shall we work each day for this country to flourish beyond the borders of bliss. Happy Fourth of July.


  • Let this day be a memorial day for the heroic men who thought not of themselves but for the welfare of the current and the future generation ahead. We salute everyone whose patriotism are beyond any mind can conceive. We, too, are truly grateful to the soldiers on the line who aspires to continue the acts of the past heroes by guarding the freedom with their life should anyone threaten to rob it. Let us be merry in the celebration of Independence day.


  • I am truly grateful that we celebrate the Independence day even though it dates us back to the gruesome events in the past. The spirits during the day of Independence are so gay and very much dedicated to this country which tells the world we are ready to put our lives on the line just to protect our liberty for everyone to benefit from it including those who are yet to be born. May your happiness be at its peak in celebrating this Independence day.


  • Cheers to the people whose hearts are dedicated to this beautiful united nation of ours for this marks the Independence day. May our spirits always soar the highest for there are so many things to take pride in the glory of this country. We are grateful not only to our brave and courageous soldiers but, too, all the people in this country whose works for the progress of this country. Happy Independence to us all!


  • Happy are we to be part of this celebration that has echoed from the past into eternity. May this Independence Day remind everyone of the losses and the victories of our courageous men who never hesitated to put their lives on the line for freedom to be sought. Not only are we thankful, but we are also highly honored to be the children of this country that you have fought dearly for. Happy Independence Day everyone!


  • Waking up to a bright sunny day reminds me of the past and what a series of tragedy it was to witness hear the new of countless deaths of our fellowmen and how strongly they battle in obtaining the achieved freedom. I am truly thankful to those heroes and even if their names are not carved in the history books only the world will know how brave those men were. The lands where their corpses reside are blessed to have buried dignified men with incomparable courage. God bless America and Happy Independence Day everyone!


  • I can only pay our heroic men with gratitude and serve this country with loyalty for I am supremely honored to be one of its countrymen. My happy comes with absolution and I promise to become greater in the future than I am in present to serve this country with heart and dedication. Happy Independence day to everyone and may we enjoy the gift bestowed by our forefathers that continues which lives until we, the countrymen, cease to exist.


  • This is the day where a celebration is most worthy for we joy in the victorious fight from the threat which restrains this nations liberty and abuse anyone in any way possible. Serving this country and my countrymen will never be perceived as a burden for I am proud to do the tasks which benefits the welfare of my community. This I promise to myself, countrymen, and the country that this freedom we enjoy will never taken away from us for me and my fellow troops will protect it with our might. Happy Fourth of July to all of us!


  • Good morning, everyone! Today marks the anniversary of our Independence day so we must enjoy this freedom we have now for we are still alive. I hope that this dedication of mine for this country will build a path of pleasant future. Happy Fourth of July.

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