Formal Phone Messages for Employees on Vacation

Phone messages are most often than not funny or cheesy, but sometimes phone messages can have a very formal to business like  tone even if this is sent to the employees who are enjoying their vacation leave. The purpose of this message is to let them know that the company wishes their best regards in their vacation and may the employees be in their safest condition.


If you are a manager and would like to send phone messages to your employees on their leave then this article may come in handy. Sample phone messages are offered in here which you may rephrase and reword that is fitting to your fancy. Since you are a manager it is important to take note about keeping the tone formal yet cheerful in a way.


  • Good morning, (name of the employee), may you wake up to a picturesque scenery and savor every moment of your fun filled vacation. Always keep safe and know that our lines are always open should you need to call us for urgent matter. Cheers.


  • Good day, (name of the employee), I want to wish you solely with happiness and safety as you venture to the magnificent islands of Greece. May you have a safe trip and a heart full of enjoyment.


  • Good morning, employees on their leave, I hope you enjoy your week long vacation away from the stress factors that are your work. In your leave do not think of the situation of the company for we are here to cover your tasks up. Fill your vacation with smiles and moments worth the keep. Keep safe.


  • Hello, (name of the employee), may you enjoy the vacation granted by the company for being the top performer of this month. The team, especially me are so glad to have you as part of our team. Have a safe flight and a happy journey ahead.


  • Good day, (name of the employee), thank you so much for announcing the days of your leave a week before it, for we are able to adjust on the tasks handed over by the CEO. May you seek the relief that you have been looking for to satiate your inner peace. Have a safe trip to Maldives.


  • Hello, (name of the employee), we are glad to know that you have finally put your leave credits into use for we care deeply about your health, and seeing you stress out doesn’t make us happy. May the stress you have gathered ebb away as you think only of the fulfilling enjoyment in your vacation. Good luck on your flight.


  • A wonderful morning to the performer of the team who is taking her leave, this vacation is a well deserved one that you need only think of your enjoyment and safety. The team would like to thank you for the excellent performance you delivered for two months time and, too, we wish you nothing  but happiness alone in your vacation to the marvelous virgin islands of the Philippines. Cheers to a happy living.

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