Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Baby shower is a beautiful tradition that marks celebrations for the soon-to-be mommy. It is an auspicious occasion on which family members and friends send blessings and gifts for the baby that is soon to arrive in the world.  In return, soon-to-be parents send thank you notes to the family members and friends for their presence and gifts.

These thank you notes can be sent in the form of baby shower thank you poems, which are drafted lyrically with the use of sweet words. These poems are sent to thank a person for his or her presence on the baby shower event and they can be sent through greetings, SMS, letters or mails.

Sample Baby Shower Thank You Poems

  • Thanks dear friends for the lovely gifts and the blessings,

To have you on my baby shower was such a divine feeling,

I would like to thank you for a lovely baby toy that you gifted,

I am sure that my baby is going to love it!


  • For all the cheers and the blessings that you conveyed,

I wish to thank you for making my baby shower fun filled,

It was because of the presence of you all that I have built so many memories to recall.

I am sure that my baby is going to love the present,

Thank for your invaluable presence.


  • It was so good to have you at my baby shower,

Your presence added to my happiness and to the cheers,

I thank you for the baby bibs and the toys,

You were the reason for the filled in fun and the joys.


  • Thanks for coming to my baby shower and making it a day to remember forever,

Thanks for presenting with such beautiful gifts that we will not forget ever,

Together we will welcome our baby to this world,

We will mark the celebrations unfurled.


  • Your esteemed presence at my baby shower party is greatly valued,

It was because of you that we were able to celebrate it huge.

We would like to thank you for all the arrangements that were done,

You made the party full of joys, happiness and fun.


  • We are so happy to gather the love and blessings of our near and dear ones,

My baby shower has been a great day, filled with moments of fun.

Thanks for the valuable baby gifts that you gifted,

We are very sure that our new baby is going to love it.

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