Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

Birthday poems for boyfriend are the kinds of poems which a girl writes in order to wish her boyfriend on the occasion of his birthday. These poems must framed using loving words and must convey the good wishes to the boyfriend on his special day . One can send these poems by SMS, by email, by letters, by writing them in greeting cards and also through social networking sites. Let’s read a few examples of birthday poems for boyfriend which are given in the following part of the article.

Sample Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

  • You are my love, you are my life;

may you have a lovely birthday and may I be your wife.

Here’s wishing my boyfriend a really very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

I love you.


  • Birthdays are special because they come with love, surprises, gifts and joy.

On this lovely occasion of your birthday, I wish to tell you that I really love you boy.

Have a great birthday and enjoy!


  • On this lovely day, when you came on earth,

the sun shone bright and my life got worth.

Wishing my dear boyfriend a very happy birthday and hoping that we shall always be together.


  • This is a great day as it’s your birthday today. So here are a few words for you.

On this very day 20 years before

a blessing for me came on earth, and made my so pure.

Thank you for being there and have a great birthday.


  • In the month of May, it is your birthday.

The stars are shining and the mood is gay.

On this lovely occasion with balloons all around,

I pray to the almighty to listen to my sound.

May you have a happy birthday and live a long and healthy life dear boyfriend.


  • Friends are special and so is family;

but for me what really matters is your company.

Wishing a really happy, rocking, joyful and blissful birthday to my life and my love-John.

May you get all that you wish for on this birthday.


  • This birthday of yours is special for me,

because I have got you and that’s enough for me.

Happy birthday to the most amazing human being I know. May god bless you


  • On this day, may god shower his blessings upon you and fulfill all your wishes.

Happy birthday dear boyfriend.

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