Birthday Poems for Mom

Birthday poems for mom are those kinds of poems which an individual writes for his/her mother on the occasion of her birthday. These poems must be written in joyous tone to wish the mom and to convey your love, care and concern for her on her special day. These poems written by children will surely make the mothers happy and will bring a big smile on her face.

These poems can be sent through greetings and can also be sent along with a gift or flowers. If you wish to write a birthday poem for your mom, then you can take help from the following given examples and samples.

Sample Birthday Poems for Mom

  • My mother is the sweetest, my mother is the best

Look wherever you want, east or west.

Happy birthday dear mom, have a great life

You are not only a great mother, but also a lovely wife.


  • Dear mother, you are a lovely woman

Dear mother, you are a great human

I love you from the bottom of my heart,

I love you till death do us part.

Have a lovely birthday and enjoy yourself a lot.


  • With balloons all around and happiness in the air,

I wish you a lovely birthday year after year.

May you get all that you want and may you remain happy forever and ever.

Happy birthday to the best mother in the world.


  • Happy birthday dear mother.

As you turn 50, I wish to say a poem for you.

A mother is a friend who remains by your side all through life;

She is special and more special than your brother, sister or wife.

A mother is a gift from god and she is a blessing from the above

A mother is a sweet song and is always full of love.


  • Dear mother, I cannot imagine a life without you to support me at each step;

I cannot imagine a life without your blessings.

May you have a great birthday and may you always remain happy.


  • When a mother touches a child, he is truly blessed and your endless touches of blessings have shaped my life.

Thanks mom for always being there and have a great birthday.

May the almighty make all your blessings come true.


  • Here’s wishing the best mother in the entire world a very happy and joy filled birthday.

May all your dreams come true.

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