Condolence Messages Poems

At the time of someone’s bereavement, people send messages, notes, poems and songs to sympathise the family members. These messages are sent to convey your deepest apologies and condolences to a person at the time of death.

Condolence messages poems are such type of sympathetic messages that are sent to convey your condolences and hence ease the pain of the reader at the time of his sorrows. Such messages must be framed in a very polite tone to comfort the reader with your kind thoughts and words of condolences.

Sample Condolence Messages Poems

I understand the pain of losing your dear one
I realise that he was the source of your laughter and fun
On the sudden demise of your beloved father
Please know that you have our thoughts and prayers
May GOD bless his soul
May the memories that you had with him keeps your strong and close.

Please do not cry for the one who is gone
I will always be there for you to offer you my shoulder to lean on
I understand the pain of losing your beloved mother
You have to be strong so that you stay fit to take care

I was distressed to hear about the sudden demise of your beloved sister
I have always heard from you that she was a source of your happiness and cheer
I am sending my deepest sympathies and condolences on your way
Remember that we are just a call away.

On such an unexpected demise of your brother, please try and live with a strong heart
Cherish the memories that you had with him and never keep them apart
We all are with you during this difficult time
Please consider us as yours and we are standing right by your side.

Death is inevitable and it comes to all
After the death of you mother, you have to be strong and do not fall
You have the responsibility to look after your family
We all are with you to help you in every kind of situation and reality.

Please accept our heartfelt sympathies and condolences on the loss of your mother
Please be strong and do not lower down your heart ever
You are not alone, we are with you
Please know that you are still left with the whole of your life to pursue.

The memories of your beloved mom will forever live deep inside your heart
She will live close to you and never apart
We are conveying our condolences to you
Please let us know if there is anything that we can do

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