Cute Text Messages Poems

Text messages are sent and exchanged amongst people for many reasons. These messages can be sent with a purpose to explain a situation, to convey an inspirational thought, to crack a joke or for any such reason.

Such text messages when are framed in a cute and a rhythmic manner are called as cute text messages poems. These messages are framed with the use of cute and sweet words, so as to please the reader.

Sample Cute Text Messages Poems

I wish to hug you tight
To me you are a teddy bear and I want to sleep with you all the night
Hugs and kisses on your way
Please know that I think about you all the day

As the sun is rising high
It is the time to open up your eyes
Look out and see the shining sun
Welcome this new day with lots of joys, laughter and fun

Love is a bond of promise that two people agree to make
It is that special feeling in which there is lots of love to take
The feeling of love is a feeling so true
The feeling of love is a feeling so fresh and new

I write your name in the sky and wind came and blew it away
I opted to write your name on the sand, breeze came and swept it away
I finally decided to write your name in my heart so that it can forever stay
This is my promise to you that I will love you always

Friendship is precious, friendship is kind
True friends are rare and are difficult to find
I am glad that I found you
Being with you I feel so fresh and new

You look as sweet as a honey bee
Being with you is a best thing to be
I wish to look at you and keep on seeing
You are the most wonderful human being

  • It is not about finding a perfect person for life

It is about loving a person even at the time of his lows and not just in his highs

Life is a series of happy and sad moments to face

Live life freely, there are many good things to embrace


  • I wish to hug you like my teddy bear

I will keep on hugging you forever

To me you are so dear,

I will always keep you so near.

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