Engagement Congratulation Poems

Engagement Congratulation poems are the greetings in the form of beautiful words which are sent for someone who is getting engaged. You can congratulate the couple who are getting engaged through a SMS or email. The lovely and warm wishes can also be sent through a beautiful congratulation card.

Social media platforms are also a good place to wish the couple on their engagement. These engagement congratulation poems can be written for your friends, colleagues and family. Celebrate the journey of the engaged couple who have started walking on the path of becoming a husband and wife.

Sample Engagement Congratulation Poems

  • You both have walked on the road which has transformed your relationship from being a friend to fianc√©. Now you are just a step away from being the husband and wife. May God always keep you two together and may you both should have no pain, sadness or trouble. Happy engagement!!
  • Enjoy the beginning of a new journey, when you two can walk together. Enjoy the bonding of a new relationship which will make you a true lover. May this journey of engagement should quickly end up at the destination of marriage.
  • Congratulation and enjoy the beginning of this courtship period. You would be the best couple who will keep all the promises and vows intact.
  • Your beautiful relationship is a true amalgamation of love, life-long promises, commitment and romance. Congratulation for getting engaged and may this should be a beautiful beginning of a life-long relationship.
  • You two are a match made in heaven; you are the best couple that has ever happen. Congratulation for getting engaged always stay together and stay blessed.
  • You both signify the true love, you both simplify complex relationships. You both are the symbol of commitment and you both dignify relationship and devotion. Happy engagement buddy, stay blessed!!
  • You both are a perfect couple who have kept all the promises; you are the best mates who have fulfilled all the pledges and vows. I have never seen a perfect match like you, may you both keep inspiring and motivating to other couples of this world. Congratulation on this special day of your life.
  • Happiness could be the only result when a cool dude decides to get engaged to the most beautiful girl in this world in front of the loving family and caring friends. May this beautiful day always remain the best day of your life? Congratulation for getting engaged!!

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