Farewell Messages Poems

When someone departs from a workplace or an organisation, people send farewell wishes and blessings to cheerfully bid him goodbye.

Such wishes and blessings can be sent through messages, text messages, greeting card messages, poems etc.

Farewell messages poems are the messages that are sent to a person who is bidding farewell.

These messages are framed in a beautiful manner to say goodbye to a person who is leaving or departing from a particular place.

The messages must be framed with the use of rhythmic words.

Sample Farewell Messages Poems

As you are leaving this place,
You have left your legacy to remember and embrace
This is a small gesture to let you know that we all are going to miss you
On your farewell, we wish you all the best for the future prospects that you wish to pursue

I wish your farewell was a temporary moment
We are going to miss you all the time from the busy hours to the time of fun and excitement
You were a best colleague to work with
Through this message, I am conveying my good luck wishes

  • You are surely one of a kind

It is difficult to get a replacement for you and people like you are rare to find

Since you are bidding us goodbye,

We expect you to remember us all thorough your life

We wish you all the best so that you continue to rise

  • May this farewell greet you with lots of success

May you be greeted with forever happiness

May all your dreams come true

All the very best for the dreams that you intend to pursue

  • On your farewell, we wish your life to be a great one,

May your new workplace give you an increment in your income

We all will miss you at the time of our joys and fun

You are surely a great co worker and a wonderful person

  • Working with you was a lifetime opportunity

You have always inspired me to turn my dreams to reality

On your farewell, I wish to let you know that I value you really

I am going to miss you dearly.

  • On this farewell, I want to thank you for all the things that you have done

You have always been the source of inspiration and fun

May you prosper at your new workplace

May you be surrounded by a successful phase.

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