Farewell Poems for Friends

Farewell poems for friends are the best way to show your friends that you will always miss them and the love and joy shared by them will always remain in your heart. The thought of not having your best friend around could be annoying but a wonderful farewell poem can make everything easy and smooth for you both. You can send this poem through a SMS, email or as a lovely farewell card. You can also post your feelings in the form of a farewell poem on the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Write the sweetest farewell poem to say goodbye to your most dear friend. Clinch on to the beautiful memories and joy of your friendship even after your friend has gone away from you.

Sample Farewell Poems for Friends

  • Our friendship will never change, since it is deep rooted in our heart. There is no worry and bother even if we have to stay miles apart. Let’s promise that we will soon meet each other even when we are walking on separate paths staying away from one another. Farewell Buddy!!
  • Good bye friend may God shower his choicest blessings on you.
  • When I try to tell you the last good bye, a painful feeling comes which fills me with sigh. To send a dear friend away like you needs a lot of guts to say we bid adieu. Our love will continue to groove even after your family will stay away and move. Good bye buddy, I will miss you a lot.
  • I will keep missing you all days, as you are moving and going away. Keep my friendship safe in your heart and promise me today that we will never be apart. Farewell friend our friendship will always keep us together.
  • Amongst all the friends that I have ever seen, you have been the loveliest and best human being. All the time and moments that I have shared with you, all those joy and sorrows have stuck to my thoughts like powerful glue. Good Bye Buddy stay blessed!!
  • I promise you that I will never whine, cry or frown even when you are moving away from the town. Our friendship will always stay intact and hard as no distances can keep two best friends apart. Farewell friend.
  • I would always try to reach out to you, by every possible ways whether it’s Facebook, Tweet or any other mode. You have been my best buddy so far and no distances are going to keep our friendship apart. Good bye friend.

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