Friendship Poems for Girls

Friendship poems for girls are the best way to express your love and companionship for them. Celebrate friendship day with your friends and express your emotions through these poems that are especially for your female friends. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship and you can emote this to your friend in the form of a poem. Send this love coated poem through SMS, email or a handmade card.

You can also tell your friend that you adore her through a friendship note that can be left at her desk or in her bag. Social media platforms like facebook and Twitter could also be the medium of communicating your feelings for your friend. Acknowledge your friendship to your school fiend, office colleague or your childhood best friend with the help of these poems.

Sample Friendship Poems for Girls

  • The bond and friendship we share, the love, understanding and all that friendly care. The fights, laughs and girly talks, the dresses, makeup and shopping walks. The friendship that we have is very rare; you are the best buddy that’s filled with dare.
  • Let’s celebrate the beauty of our friendship, let’s enjoy the joy, happiness and also the troublesome hardships. With you as my friend I have nothing to worry since you are the best girl who is calm and never in hurry. Happy friendship day dear!
  • We may have differences we may argue, we may also fight on trivial issues. We may disagree we may divert but our friendship, thoughts and opinion never vary. Celebrating the beauty of friendship with my best friend and the most beautiful girl, makes me dance with joy and marry me with swirl.
  • Only a fortunate person can get a friend like you, only luck can give us a buddy as cute as you. You love, you care; everything you have in life, you are ever ready to share. I love you for being my best friend; always stay with me as a lovely friend.
  • Our friendship is priceless our relation is commendable, our bond is strongest and we are truly incomparable. May God always keep us together may our friendship never see any bad weather. Happy friendship day dearie!!
  • You keep inspiring, you keep motivating. You keep moving and you are always supporting. Your thoughts are exciting and your words are interesting. Your deeds are enticing and your works are exhilarating. Thank you for being my best buddy. Happy friendship day buddy.

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