Friendship Poems for New Friends

Friendship poems for new friends are those poems that are sent to the new friends to show the feelings of the sender. These types of poems can convey the feelings of love, care and concern for the new friend. These poems can also convey general friendship message. One can send these poems through various means like letters, greetings, emails, SMS and others. Some samples of these poems are given below.

Sample Friendship Poems for New Friends  

  • It has been few days that we have developed such a beautiful relationship

Dearest friend, I cherish this bond of friendship,

I promise to be with you in every rise and every bend,

I promise that I will always be there to understand!


  • When I saw you at that event, your face was pretty and was new,

I never knew that I will develop such a strong friendship with you.

We have so much in common that we share,

You are my new friend of whom I will always take care.


  • I sit at my bed thinking of the day when we met

I think about the moments from the beginning to the end

And I feel so blessed to call you as my friend.


  • In a very little time, you became my best friend,

It is because of the way you understand.

In a very little time you have become the integral part of life

It is because I can rely on you to have you at my side.

In a very little time I have started adoring this relationship,

It is because I am too fond of your friendship.


  • You are my new friend who has taught me to smile when the whole world wears a frown

You are the person who has taught me to rise whenever I was down.

You are the best person that I have ever found,

Your friendship is a bond that will always surround.


  • Whenever you feel that you are alone and you don’t know what to do,

Always remember that you have this new friend who is always there for you.

For every minute or two, I will always have something special to share with you,

I promise to take care of this friendship, all through!


  • Right from my heart, I wish to tell you how special you are,

You will be my friend for the lifetime and we will never be apart.

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