Friendship Poems Messages

Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most special relationships in this world that is marked by togetherness, fun, sorrows and happiness. Friendship messages are exchanged and sent between friends for various different reasons.

Friendship poems messages are such messages that are framed with the use of rhyming words, to emphasize on the importance of friendship. These poem messages must be framed in an attractive manner.

Some samples of friendship poems messages are given below.

Sample Friendship Poems Messages

The friendship that I have with you is priceless,
The things that I can do for you are countless;
The thoughts that I have for you are endless,
The love that I have for you will never be less!

I feel lucky to have a friend like you by my side
You are an integral part of my life,
Promise me that you will stand by my side, in every kind of bends and rise.

Having a true friend like you is a priced possession,
Choosing your friendship is by far the best decision;
I must thank you for everything that you do for me,
Being with a friend like you is the best thing to be.

If I can tell you how special you are to me,
I will ask you to look into my eyes and see;
I feel blessed to be a part of this friendship,
I wish that end never comes to such kind of companionship.

Friendship is to trust, friendship is to love,
Friendship is bliss; it is a blessing that is sent from GOD above.

Friendship is that pure feeling that dwells between two friends,
It is marked by the understanding in which they agree to understand;
Friendship is great, friendship is priceless,
It marks happiness on your way that can even be endless.

Friendship is a synonym of life with more truths and less dares,
Friendship is all about lots of love and gentle care;
Friendship is a beautiful feeling,
And it is surely a divine blessing!

True friendship is like a guiding light,
Honest friendship is a promise to hold on to each other so tight;
Friendship is not just for a while,
Friendship is for lifetime, with lots of joys, happiness, laughter and smiles!

Friendship is here,
Friendship is there,
Friendship should be everywhere;
Friendship is when you continue to care,
Friendship is when you have lots of love to give and share.

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