Funny I Like You Poems

Telling someone that you like him or her in a funny manner is the best way to put across your feelings, without creating a serious environment. This can be done by sending funny I like you poems. These are the humorous poems that are framed and sent to someone whom you like.

These types of poems can be sent to friends, colleagues, partner and other loved ones. They can be sent through various mediums like SMS, social networking sites, letters or greeting cards. Some samples are given below for reference.

Sample Funny I Like You Poems

  • I like you but I will never go on a date with you around the garden gate,

It is because my love for you is blind but our neighbours aren’t,

I wish I can even confess the moments which I actually hate,

You are someone who has always made me feel happy and great.


  • I like you because you the one whom I can annoy,

I like you for all those times when I tease you and you enjoy,

I like you when I slap you slowly and you act to cry,

I like you and I will like you all through my life.


  • People ask me whether liking and thinking about you is an only answer to my living?

I wish to slap them on their face and let them know that they are making fun of my feelings,

Undoubtedly you are a divine blessing, but when you are near, I just wish to spend my time screaming.


  • There are things in life of which you are unaware,

I like you but I wish if you weren’t near,

Your presence becomes intolerable after some time,

Just kidding, you are my sunshine!


  • I like you and you know I am never serious,

I love you and I know I have pushed you in a mess,

Ever if you break my heart, I will break your jaws,

I like you even when you have so many flaws.


  • My likings for you can be compared to the condition of diarrhoea,

How badly I try to control, I have to let it out,

Please know that you are always in my heart, in and around,

It was the worst nightmare, when you were found,

Just kidding, I like you from head to toe,

There is so much love I have in me that I actually owe.

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