Funny Text Messages poems

Funny text messages poems are the poem messages that are framed and sent in a funny and a hilarious tone.

These messages are the rhythmic messages that are sent to entertain a person and cheer them up.

The tone of such poem messages is kept funny, hilarious and amusing.

The messages can be framed with or without a purpose to crack a joke or to express a situation in a mocking way.

Sample Funny Text Messages poems

Twinkle twinkle little star
Nobody knows who they are
Up above the world so high
People are busy with their cries.

It sounds funny how a hello is always accompanied by a goodbye
It sounds funny how one good memory can make you cry
It is funny how much you will lose if you forget about your past
It is funny that this boring poem will never last

You should gain some power to think
You should have brains to respond and blink
You look like a lazy bum
You do not know the meaning of laughter and fun

There was a worm in my pocket
I thought it is just in my pocket, but I found another one in my jacket
I thought it could climb up to bite my face
I laughed when I realised that I was actually shivering to go through this phase

Of all the things that I do
There is not a single thing that is true
I am born to live like this
I am born to create mess and hiss.

I saw a dream where in I was on a horse ride
Sitting on a horse, I got to enjoy the reality of paradise
It sound funny to imagine how a horse can make you travel for this long
This is a comical world where we all belong

If I was given an opportunity
I will create lots of troubles and endless difficulties
I will make sure that all this would last till eternity
Just kidding, I won’t let it happen in reality

There was a rainy day
A sweet girl was walking my way
Though I was coming back from school
I pretended as if I am so cool
I managed to welcome her with my hand
Coming closer I realised that she is so grand
The girl was so cute and I loved her a lot
After a while I got to know that I am being caught

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