Good Morning Poems for Him

Good morning wishes and greetings are sent to create a feeling of freshness and newness in the life of a reader. These wishes can be sent in the form of sms messages, text messages, poetic messages or general good morning notes. Good morning poems for him are the poetic notes that are framed in a lyrical and a rhythmic manner to be sent to a male reader, early in the morning. These poems are framed attractively to convey a good morning wish to the reader and bless him for a happier day ahead.

Sample Good Morning Poems for Him

  • A fresh new morning has unfurled,

Wake up and embrace the beauty of the world,

The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining,

Wake up and cherish your divine blessings.

Wish you a blessed day and a very warm god morning!


  • It is that time of the day when you can mark liveliness on your way,

The life has to begin anew; you can search for your goals within your view,

I wish you happiness till the day is done, may this morning welcomes moments of fun.


  • It is the time to embrace the beauty of the nature,

It is the time when I wish to say good morning to you my dear.

May the blessings of GOD always stay so near,

May your life be filled with joys and cheers!


  • A wish straight from my heart reaches to say good morning to you,

May this day welcome feelings so fresh and new,

May you continue to mark successes all through,

May there are many reasons of smile for you,

Good morning greetings for you!


  • Let you wake up with a smile on your face,

Look out of the window, there are many beautiful things to embrace,

I wish to greet you with a happy day,

May my greetings and wishes stay with you always.


  • Open your eyes and see the sun shining,

Wake up from your bed and thank GOD for His blessings.

Your inbox has been filled with the good morning greetings,

Do not forget that I love you darling!


  • I sit at your side, waiting for you to open up your eyes,

You look so innocent and I am waiting for an early enjoyment,

Let this morning wipe away all the worries and tensions away,

Let this morning greets a wonderful day!

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