Good Morning Poems for Lovers

Good morning poems for lovers are those poems that are sent to convey good morning wishes to the lover. Sending a warm good morning greeting to your lover is a best way to make him or her feel the essence of your love. These poems are framed with the use of beautiful words and will surely bring a smile on the face of your loved one early in the morning. Some samples of these poems are given below.

Sample Good Morning Poems for Lovers

  • To you who is forever so true,

My good morning wishes reaches to you,

May you mark a lovely day

Early this morning, I am sending my love and kisses on your way!


  • There are so many things in this morning that we can embrace,

But nothing is as beautiful as your pretty face,

Let us together welcome the warmth of this sunny day,

I promise to be with you always.

Good morning dearest darling!


  • This bond of love will forever stay between us,

To tell you how deeply I love you, I can travel till universe,

I have opened my eyes while seeing your picture,

I wish to greet every day by keeping you so near,

A very good morning to you my dear!


  • Early this morning, I have prayed for your life full of blessings,

I have made a promise to myself that I will always love you my darling

As the sun is shining high, my love for you is rising high,

I wish that you continue to mark such beautiful days in your life.

Good morning and have a nice day!


  • I have woke up while missing you,

Good morning greetings are being sent you,

May you mark a day so fresh and new,

I will always love you.


  • Let this morning I chase away all your pain and sadness,

Let this morning I greet you will lots of joys and happiness,

Let this morning make you realise the your importance in my life,

Let this morning welcomes a day so happy and bright!


  • Good morning wishes and greetings to the one whom I love,

You look so sweet and I am waiting for you to wake up,

I am sitting at your side to greet you with a coffee cup,

You look like an angel and you are like a blessing from above!

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