Good Night Messages Poems

Good night messages poems are the poetic messages that are exchanged between people at the night time to greet each other with a good night wish. These messages can be exchanged between friends, relatives, couples, lovers etc.

The tone of such messages is usually sweet and polite and is sent to cheerfully say someone GOOD NIGHT. These are the rhythmic messages that can also be sent along with an inspirational thought.

Sample Good Night Messages Poems

[blockquote]Travelling all the distances, I just want to reach to you
I want to dance with you under the sun and the shining moon
Look out of your window and see the stars twinkling,
I have asked them to twinkle for my dearest darling
Good night and sleep tight[/blockquote]

[blockquote]On such a romantic night,
I wish to grab you by your waist and hug you so tight
I will do this all night long till the sun shines bright
Please accept my wishes, it says GOOD NIGHT! [/blockquote]

  • Twinkle twinkle little star,

Please come close and never go far

Since it is the night time

Come to me so that we may shine

I am missing you all this while

I will sleep after seeing your gentle smile

Pease sleep tight; I am messaging to say you good night

  • Moon is waiting for you to sleep

Do not have a single tear to weep

I am looking all from above

My good night wish reaches to you, filled with immense love

Sleep well and take care

Come to me; let us have this night to share

  • Now I will come in your dreams and will take you away,

I will not let you go and will force you to stay

Nights are difficult to pass without you

You are really a dream come true

Good night dearest darling

I have hired the stars to take care of you while twinkling

  • May the magic wand wipes away all the sorrows from your way

May you have a relaxing night after a stressful day

I am sending my good night wishes on your way

Sleep well and stay happy always

  • Let me come in your dreams so that I can pull your sorrows

Nights ends so that we can welcome the better tomorrows

I wish you have a healthy sleep

I wish you be filled with cheers and happiness and not a single tear to weep

Good night!

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