Goodbye Poem for Friends

Goodbye poem for friends are those types of poems which are written by a person to bid goodbye to his/her friend while parting ways due to various realsons like studies, work, assignment, transfer, business and others. Any such poem must have a feeling of sorrow since the two friends are moving away. These types of poems should also convey good luck wishes to the recipient.

These poems can be sent through SMS, greetings, letters or emails. If you wish to frame a poem of this kind, then you can go through the following given samples of goodbye poem for friends:

Sample Goodbye Poem for Friends

  • As we say goodbye to each other,

I wish to tell you that I feel we are brothers from different mothers.

I will miss the lovely days and the wonderful fun we have.

Here’s wishing you goodbye and Good luck for the future.


  • Wishing you goodbye, wishing you good luck;

Wishing you a lovely time ahead and wishing you many a great future.

May god bless you


  • The times we spent together, I will always remember

The days we had fun, I will always miss

The days when you were at my side dear friend, I will never forget

And what I won’t forget is your awesome smile. Good bye and good luck for your future.


  • There is a silver ship, there is a golden ship,

but there sure is no other ship like our beautiful friendship.

I will really miss you my dear friend as we part ways.

Bidding you goodbye and good luck for your future.


  • The days will be longer when we both friends separate.

Sure we won’t get time to spend with each other but we will coordinate.

Have fun and bye dear friend.


  • As we say bye to each other,

my heart aches and misses the times we have spent with each other.

Please do not forget me and keep in touch always.

Goodbye my best friend and hope to see you soon again.


  • Goodbye to my best friend, good bye to my buddy

Goodbye to my brother, good bye to my Eddy.

Will miss you a lot when you go, but it is time you get ready.


  • Dear friend, our friendship has stood tests of time. Even this time when we say

goodbye, I pray that we come back again sometime.

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