Goodnight Poems for Friends

Goodnight poems for friends are those poems which are written by someone to wish goodnight to his/her friends. These types of poems must be written with loving and caring words and must be able to express the feelings of the sender in an expressive way. One can also use motivational and inspiring words in these poems in order to convey good night wishes to a near and dear one.

One can take help of SMS, letters, emails or various social networking sites in order to send these poems. A few examples of goodnight poems for friends have been given below and can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Goodnight Poems for Friends

  • As the sun leaves us and the moon joins the night,

It’s time to say good bye and good night.

May you have a lovely sleep tonight and dream sweet dreams.


  • Dear friends, I wish all of you are engulfed by deep sleeps

And see the sweetest of dreams tonight.

Good night and sleep well all of you.


  • As the stars shine brightly above us

And the moon spreads its lovely light,

It is time that I bid say good night.

Have a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and all charged up.


  • Say bye bye to the chirping birds; say bye bye to the lovely sunlight

Say bye bye to the day that went past and have a very good night.


  • The hard work of the day has finally ended,

And so has the endless running around

So let’s all finally hit the best and wake up refreshed and sound.

Wishing goodnight to all my lovely friends.


  • Dear beautiful and wonderful friends,

My prayer for you is to sleep well and sleep tight.

Because tomorrow is a new day and we all have to get up alright.

So here’s wishing everyone a beautiful goodnight.


  • As the day leaves us and the night enters the sky

It is time that we finally take rest and say goodbye

So wishing all of you a very good night and sweet dreams


  • Good night to Joshua and good night to john;

Goodnight to Margaret and good night to Ron.


  • The day of hard work has ended

And so has the schedule so tight

May god give you sweet dreams,

and a lovely good night.

Here’s wishing deep sleep to all my dear friends.

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