I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend

I am sorry poems for girlfriend are the poems which a boy writes for his girlfriend and sends it by the medium of a text messages, a greeting card, letters, emails, social media platform or any other way. These poems must be written in a manner so as to convey true emotion of the sender and should be able to say sorry to the girlfriend effectively.

These types of poems are written when a boyfriend has hurt the girlfriend with his words or actions and is asking for her forgiveness.  You can refer to the various examples of I am sorry poems for girlfriends which have been given below.

Sample I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend

  • Dear girlfriend,

I am really sorry for what I said and what I did

Please forgive and forget it as a mistake done by a kid

In my heart there is love for you only

I promise I will care for you truly


  • When things go wrong and when mistakes happen,

it is in our hands to learn from the lesson.

So today, it is in my hands to ask for forgiveness and say sorry

Please forget my mistake and come to me without any worry.


  • From the deep bottom corner of my heart, where you reside,

I wish to say sorry so that we can put our differences aside.

Please forgive me my love,

I promise to always keep you happy and smiling.


  • Hope you can forgive me, hope you can smile.

Hope you can come back to me, hope we can walk together another mile.

I am really sorry for what I did. I love you.


  • Have I ever told you how beautiful you are and how much madly, deeply and passionately I am in love with you?

Well I think I haven’t so please know that I love you

I am truly sorry for my actions. Please forgive me.


  • Will you hold my hand again?

Will you come back?

Will you be mine forever and will you forgive?

I am really sorry for my big mistake but I know you will forgive it and take me back again.


  • In life, when we make mistakes

We should remember the stakes

I hope you forgive me for what trouble I caused

I know due to this mistake our relationship has paused

Saying sorry to you from deep down from the heart.

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