I Like You Poems for Girls

I like you poems for girls are the short rhythmic notes to let the girl you like know the feelings of your heart. These short poems can help you express your feelings for the girl who has stolen your heart away. You can express your feelings through an ‘I like you’ card or else send these beautiful words through a SMS or email.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can also be used for expressing your emotions to the girl you admire from the bottom of your heart. Let your crush know that you like her and wish to become her boyfriend with the help of these cute I like you poems. Pick the best of the words and spice them up with your creativity and imagination.

Sample I Like You Poems for Girls

  • I am not sure if there is any bond or it is just an attraction, I do not know if it is love or just an infatuation. I am crazy for you and find it hard to imagine any life without you. My emotions are true that I really like you!!
  • You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you are the most amazing person I have ever been. You are sweet, charming and bubbly; you are innocent, attractive and cute.  Thinking about you makes my heart beat. I am sure my likings for you are true and trust me I really like you!!
  • Every beautiful flower reminds me of you, every twinkling star reminds me of you. Every morning I wake up thinking f you and every night I sleep thinking of you. A colourful rainbow reminds me of your beauty a flying butterfly reminds me that you are so naughty. Everything I see, hear and feel reminds me of you, all this makes me sure, that baby I really like you!!
  • You are like an enchanting fragrance that can invisibly fill the atmosphere; you are like the morning sunrays that can fill every speck with the brightness. You are like the soothing moon that brings calmness and cool you are like the twinkling stars that brings bubbly and naughty feel. I like you Girl!!
  • Your pearly eyes inspire me to drown, your beautiful smile makes me happy and I forget all the pain and frown. Your long hair inspires me to strive high for excellence your lovely voice makes me feels crazy. I like you Girl and cannot imagine any life without you.

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