I Like You Poems for Her

Drafting and sending a poem to someone is the best possible way to tell him or her how special they are. I like you poems for her are such rhythmic notes that are sent to a woman to make her realise that she is valued and adored. These poems are written with beautiful words and are expressive of the sender’s likings towards his part. Some samples of the poems are given below.

Sample I Like You Poems for Her

  • I like you for your name and I like you for a pretty face,

The moments spent with you are the moments that I will forever embrace,

You are the one, whom I will always adore,

With each passing day, I like you more and more.


  • From evening’s moonlight to the morning’s sunshine, I wish you remain mine,

I like you for everything and for all the glitters and the chime,

I like you for the warmth of your gentle touch,

For every little thing that you do, I like you very much.


  • You should know the feeling that I have for you in my heart,

The feelings are so strong that we shall never be apart,

Hand in hand we will travel till the last,

I like you and it will never be a matter of the past.


  • I get deeply lost when I memorise the way you walk,

I get madly in love with the way you talk,

I love everything in you from the top of the head to the tip of the toe,

I like you a lot and you should actually know.


  • Never forget the ways when I made you feel special,

I like you so much that I always wish to cuddle,

Your face is the prettiest thing to embrace,

I like you today and I will like you always.


  • I like you as a girl and I like you as a friend,

I am so fond of you because of the way you understand,

I like you for all those times when you lend me a helping hand,

Thanks for lifting me whenever I give up and bend.


  • The feelings that I have for you are out of the world,

I like you and I like you unfurled,

Looking into your eyes I feel so happy and high,

You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

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