I Like You Poems for Him

Dedicating a poem for someone whom you like is the best gesture to put across your feelings. I like you poems for him are such poems that are framed beautifully, to let a man know that he is being valued and adored. These poems are rhyming lines that are sent to a person whom you like or of whom you are fond of. These poems can be sent through SMS, greeting cards, letter or through social networking sites.

SampleĀ I Like You Poems for Him

  • I like the way you stare in my eyes

I like the way you make me feel so high

You are the most handsome man I could ever find,

I keep thinking about you day and night!


  • It is something in you that makes me adore you

It is something in your style that makes me think of you all this while

It is something in your presence that makes me experience the moments of happiness

It is something about you that I really like you!


  • I like you for all those times when you were there by my side

I like you for all those moments when you were there to make me rise

I value your love and care

I value this relation that we share

I like you dear!


  • I want to hold your hand and walk through,

The feelings that I get for you are the feelings so fresh and new

I wish you and me get trapped in the moments forever

I want to be with you for years and years.


  • As the sun is shining bright, I wish to hold you so tight

At this point of time, my only wish is to make you mine

I like you from head to toe, I have so many feelings that you should know!


  • There is a feeling that I have in my heart that we will never be apart,

The love that I have for you will forever last,

You are the best person I have ever been with,

You are the one with whom I have marked the moments to cherish.


  • I like you today and I will like you till eternity,

I will be with you in every good time and at the time of your difficulties,

You are praised for the character that you carry,

With you, I always feel joyous and happy.

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