I Love You Poems for Fiancé

I love you poems for fiancé are the communication medium to express your love for your fiancé. Let your ‘would be life partner’ know that how much you lover him/her. These I love you poems can be sent through a beautiful and striking I love you card. You can also send this lovely poem via a SMS or email.

Social media platforms can also be used for expressing your love for your fiancé. Do not hesitate and feel shy and do not wait for any special occasion. You can always express your love to your would be life partner which will definitely bring a smile on his/her face.

Sample I Love You Poems for Fiancé

  • The day I met you first was the most exciting day of my life, I am dying to wait for the day when I would be your legally wedded wife. The only wish I make every day is to be with you and I would never miss any opportunity to tell that I really Love you!!
  • Every time I see a shooting star, I make only one simple wish, I just want to be a wonderful wife and so do I think that the husband you are. My heart beats only for you all I wish to say that darling I love you!!!
  • Your eyes are deep your cheeks are pink, your love is mesmerizing and your touch makes me blink.  You are my hero who gives me all the strength I would always want to be your wife till my life comes to an end. Love you darling.
  • Without you my life would be never the same, all I live now to take your name. My soul goes flutter and after seeing you my heart melts like butter. You are my sweet little darling who is always caring, loving and sharing. Love you Sweetheart.
  • My heart is complete only when you are with me, I can enjoy any treat only when you are with me. Nowhere in this world without you have I felt great and once I see you my heart beats at a crazy rate. You are my love you are my life and once again I would like to tell you that I Love You!!!
  • The day I met you I fell in love with you, the day I got engaged I knew I am going to always be with you. Love you darling May we soon tie the nuptial knot to remain together, forever and ever.

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