I Love You Poems for Girlfriends

I love you poems for girl friends are the best way to express your love for the lady of your life. A sweet poem turns out to be the most romantic way of expression and every girl friend admires the love coated words from her boyfriend. Let your lady love read your heart in the form of this poem that can be send through a SMS, email or in a beautiful I love you card.

You can also express your feelings and emotions through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. To become the fantasy boyfriend for your girlfriend make use of these poems. Poem is the best way to impress your girlfriend thus choose the best words to create an everlasting impression.

SampleĀ I Love You Poems for Girlfriends

  • You are my life who inspires me to touch the sky; you are my wings that always motivate me to fly. You have become the reason why I have no more reasons left to feel sad and cry. I love you sweetheart from the bottom of my heart, may we never stay apart.
  • Girl, you are my life; and I am sure one day you would be my wife. I always see a true soul mate in you and I never miss any opportunity to say that I love you. Love you Sweetheart, you are my life.
  • I may never stop loving you my princess, even when the sky may stop turning blue. My heart keeps longing for you all day long and I want to be always with you. I love you sweetheart.
  • I will always protect you from any kind of sorrow even if the stars my stop twinkling tomorrow. All your troubles would be kept at bay, even if sun stops shining one fine day. You are my love you are my life, you are my girl who would definitely be my wife.
  • You are my true love the reason behind my each heartbeat. You are my darling, my sweetheart the girl whom I find always sweet. No words can explain my feelings, girl you are the reason behind my entire being. I love you Darling!!
  • You give me love you give me happiness, you give me joy and all this is priceless. All your emotions are true for me; I am the most fortunate to get a lady like you. Love you Girl, you are my life.

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