I Miss You Poems for Boyfriend

I miss you poems for boyfriend are those poems which a girl writes for her boyfriend in order to convey that she is missing him. Any poems of this kind must be written with heartfelt feelings. These poems are sent to the boyfriend when he is away from the girlfriend due to various reasons like meeting, work, assignment, holidays and others.

These poems can be sent using SMS, letters, emails or greetings. You can refer to the following I miss you poems for boyfriend if you too want to make a similar kind of a poem.

Sample I Miss You Poems for Boyfriend

  • Dear John, ever since you have left town,

my heart is sad and I am feeling bad.

I see your face all the time, in morning and in the noon,

I am missing you deeply and wish to meet you soon.


  • I am missing you my dear boyfriend.

I am missing you every day and night;

don’t know whether it is wrong or right.

I wish to see your sight, do you understand my plight?

Please come back to me because it is only you who I want to see.


  • How do I explain to you how much I am missing you?

Every day is long and the nights are endless.

Every flower is dull and the sky is weeping.

Please come back so that we can be together again and start living with happiness and joy.


  • Without you my dear Andrew, I am dull and sad.

I miss the lovely days and the beautiful nights we spent together.

I miss the mornings and the evenings of fun.

I miss you with the rising moon and the setting sun.


  • Life seems to have come to a standstill without you around.

You were my smile, you were my laughter.

You were my mind and you were my matter.

I miss you a lot and can’t wait to be with you again.


  • In this difficult life, my only faith is in you.

My only happiness is you, my only family is you.

Today, when you are not here with me, I am missing you a lot. Please come back.


  • For the love of god, please come back and hug me again. Come back and be with me

as I am missing you from deep down in my heart. I love you.

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