Love Poems for Your True Love

As humans go through the phases of generation from another some things never remain unchanged which includes poems where we write to express the emotions that feeds our emotions. In this article, sample messages of love poems are provided so that you may hand one of these to your true love and let him or her know what a world is with him or her in it.

Below are free sample poems that you may use any time. These sample messages can be expressed via sending sms text message to your true love, write this in the timeline of your social media accounts, or simply be handwritten or printed in a card. If you wish to craft one of your love poems, then these sample love poems can serve as your guide so that uniqueness and sincerity can be felt once the reader reads the love poem. It comes with sheer necessity for the tone to be sincere and absolute.

  • No mind can fathom the unfathomable depths of a human heart;
    There is only but a spawn of assumption for its bottomless deep.
    You who know me so well or even only a part
    Must be familiar with my heart’s interior,
    For you alone reside in it.


  • Men have argued what hellish is living,
    Although others think of it as paradise.
    A harmless battle of thoughts clouds over humanity
    With nothing but worldly experience uncommon to all.
    To me, although selfish as this is perceived in my own senses,
    Have found paradise in a hellish life when my gaze
    Drifted to yours once upon a time.


  • Lost are the people who strive in desperation to seek for love;
    They carry ideals for they think it as compass for an unknown search,
    Yet convince themselves of being certain of what they are looking for.
    I, too, am lost yet with a light weighted heart for I carry no ideals.
    Lost had I been for years in the path of desperate love,
    And, have been eternally lost as I stared in awe
    To the glory that is you.


  • There are things far greater than petty dreams
    Induced by the great wits of sages,
    Yet common to all in so short a time.
    A true lover’s love holds such a value than that of petty dreams.
    Let me wrap my true love in a gift box,
    And, although it is not humongous in size,
    It is nevertheless love in its most genuine form.


  • In a land of desolation and corruption
    The minds of seers had been blinded for they had not foreseen both our acquaintance.
    To think that all lives live to be destroyed
    Is a notion that we, by all means, bury in the heart of void,
    For true love has dared sprout in this wretched land.


  • My love has endured the ravage of worldly pain,
    Yet the fibers in my bones are now enfeebled;
    The strands of my hair are parting from the scalp;
    My sight dimming and my throat trembling as a breath of word escapes from my tongue
    And, yet, still my love has endured the ravage of worldly pain.

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