Missing You Messages Poems

People send missing you messages and quotes to each other, out of remembrance and to let each other know that they are being missed.

Missing you messages poems are such messages that are framed and sent in a poetic manner to tell someone that he or she is being missed.

These messages are framed in a very beautiful way to let the other person know his or her importance in your life.

Sample Missing You Messages Poems

I am missing the gentle smile that you gave to me today
I am missing the way you walked my way
I am missing you on the whole
I wish I can come to you and can stay so close.

I am missing all my dear friends
It is so because they are the one who always understands
I wish I can pay my gratitude to each one of you
I wish to tell you that I am badly missing you.

You are all over my heart and mind
You are by far the best person to find
I am missing you all this while
From the way you say hello to the way you say bye, I am missing your gentle smile

I miss you very much
I am missing the warmth of your gentle touch
You are one true love of my life
Being with you is a moment of paradise

One day I will gather words to let you know how deeply I miss you
One day I will do everything that I wanted to do for you
A day will come when you will realise that my love for you is so honest and true,
Baby, I dearly miss you.

You are a person who makes me feel safe
I am badly missing you and your grace
The love that I have for you is endless
The feelings that I have for you are priceless.

I am only left with the memories of you
That is what I always do
You have captured my mind and heart
It feels so difficult to stay apart
I am missing you all this while
Please come back to me, I am missing the lost smile.

The day YOU and I became WE was the happiest day for me
You must know how important you are for me
I badly miss you every time
I wish if I can say “you are mine”

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