Poems for Get Well Messages

Get well messages should be heart-felt and sincere since they are instrumental in making people feel better about themselves and providing the courage needed to brace through illnesses.

Unkind references to the seriousness or the gravity of the illness should be avoided and efforts should be made to make it as cheering as possible.

Sample Get Well Messages

[blockquote]There is no illness which can take you down so buck up and live life to the fullest. Our prays and wishes are with you and your family and we hope that we shall see you soon at work. Life is extremely boring and dull without your constant quips and jests and therefore we have a lot to catch up on. Best wishes for your recovery.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Life is hard and tests the best of us. An illness is God’s way of testing your courage, so don’t fail this pressure test and pass with colors flying. We are all praying for you and we hope that the smile is soon back on your face. You have been such an inspiration for all of us and therefore we hope for your speedy recovery.[/blockquote]

  • Hey, let not an illness take away your zest for life. Get well soon since life is to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. You are missed very much and we all pray and hope for your speedy recovery.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Ups and downs are a part of life. Let them not bog your life but be a part of the process of living. An illness is just a little blimp in a life that is otherwise quite awesome. We pray for your speedy recovery and hope that god grants you the courage to live with your chin up.[/notice]
  • There is a lot to live for. Every day is a beautiful day and an illness should not let your spirit suffer. Everyone cares for you, and your well being is something that concerns us all. So get well soon and our prayers are definitely with you.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Nothing can daunt you and spirit is an inspiration for all of us. Therefore don’t let a small illness bog you down. You are worth much more and we hope and pray that you are amidst us as soon as possible. We love you very much and hope that you recover very fast, our prayers and good wishes are always with you.[/notice]

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