Retirement Messages Poems

When a person decides to end his employment completely, retirement life starts. At such a point of time, messages, wishes and blessings are sent to people to wish them a happy retirement life.

This can be done by the use of messages, poems, songs etc. Retirement messages for poems are such rhythmic messages that are sent to a person retiring from his or her job.

These can be the inspirational messages that are sent to bless a retiree for his happier future.

Sample Retirement Messages Poems

Now that you are a retiree,
Think of all the beautiful moments that you will see
You can willingly go anywhere and endlessly rest
Your retirement will surely welcome you whole heartedly and you will always be blessed.

On your retirement, weekly pay checks and work burdens may appear like the things of the past,
You have earned a lot and we are sure that your savings will always last
May this retirement greets you with happiness and bliss on your way
May you enjoy the success in your own special way

May your pocket always hold a coin or two
May you always have something to do
We wish you a happy and a blessed retirement
May you have abundance of fun and blissful moments

Wish you have a terrific retirement
Wish you be blessed with blissful moments
You have earned it
Your days of hard work are now complete

It is the time to say goodbye to tensions
It is the time to welcome your pensions
Retirement life is finally here
Sit back and relax, it is the moment of cheer

Retirement is a time when you can look back with great satisfaction,
You can look forth with great anticipation
Always live your life with utmost dedication
Have a happy retirement; it is the time of celebration

Since you have earned your retirement, enjoy it
Your days of tensions and hard work are now complete
It is the beginning of an exciting chapter of your life
We wish you have a happy retirement life

Retirement is all about ups and downs
Retirement is all about happy moments all around
Wish you have a cheerful retirement life
Celebrate your success and continue to rise

Your retirement is well deserved
Now just look out for happiness and times ahead
You have worked hard for many years
And now it’s the time for smile and cheers.

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