Romantic Love Messages Poems

Romantic love messages are sent and exchanged amongst people to express their love for each other. These messages when are framed in a poetic manner are called as romantic love messages poems. The tone of such messages is usually sweet and cute and is framed with the use of romantic words. The purpose of sending such poetic messages is to romantically express the passionate and immense love of the sender to his or her partner.

Sample Romantic Love Messages Poems

I wish to completely make you mine
I miss you today, tomorrow and every time
I wish to travel your way
To me and in my heart, you will always stay.

You will always live deep inside my heart
I will always love you and will never let you apart
To me you are a dearest darling
You came in my life as a divine blessing


  • I am sending hugs and kisses on your way

Promise me that you will take care of it and will remember it always

One day, I will ask for your hand

A day will come when you will be my wife and I be your husband


  • I love you my love

The feelings that I have for you is all over above

As I saw you for the first time

I always wanted to make you mine

You are my dearest sweetheart

I will love you and will never let you stay apart.


  • Thinking about you, I go in the thoughts so deep

I wish to love you all the night and not sleep

I will hold you so close to me

Being with you is a best thing to be


  • The day I found you was the best day of my life

Ever since then, you have filled me with lots of surprises

I wish to travel with you till the paradise

Promise me that you will lend me a hand at the times of lows and highs


  • I love you without any reason

I will love you all day long and all the seasons

Being with you is a moment of bliss and fun

To me you are the best being and a wonderful person


  • I wish to hold you tight and sleep with you whole night

I will to close the lights and will wait for the sun to shine bright

You are like an apple of my eye

I will love you all through my life.

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