Romantic Thank You Poems

Romantic thank you poems are those poems that are sent to cheerfully and romantically thank your lover for all that he/she has done for you. These are the poetic notes that are framed with the feelings of love and care for the partner and are sent to thank him or her for everything. These poems can be sent to the partner through SMS, letters, greetings cards or even through social media platforms. For reference, some samples of these poems are given below.

Sample Romantic Thank You Poems

  • I wish to thank you for all those moments when you took my breath away,

I love you for all those times when you showered your love in the most romantic way,

I am crazily in love with you,

Thanks for being there in my life all through.


  • It is worth living for a person who loves you so much,

I am madly in love with you and with the warmth of your touch,

Thanks for the immense love that you showered on me,

I still have so much love for you that you will see.


  • It is the softness of your skin that shakes me from within,

It is the warmth of your hand holding which I feel so glad,

It is the sparkling in your eyes that make me feels so loved and high,

It is something in you for which I wish to thank you,

I really adore you!


  • I wish to thank you for that touch to my hair,

For that strength in your stare,

For the way you care,

And for the relationship that we share!

I love you my dear.


  • For all those moments when your body is near mine,

For all those moments when you were there to make me shine,

For all those moments when you added chime,

I wish to thank you for everything and every time.


  • I love the sweetness of your face,

The softness of your touch is what I embrace,

No words may explain the feelings that I have in my heart,

Accept my thankfulness and know that we are never going to stay apart.


  • The beauty of your gentle kiss is no less than a divine bliss,

The softness of your body makes me go crazy baby,

I wish to thank you for all those moments of love,

You are surely a blessing from above.

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